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Premuim SSD cloud hosting for high performance computing

Enterprise-grade Windows® servers for powerful computing with RDP

Powerhouse servers for SME businesses and load heavy tasks

Budget cloud hosting for general-purpose computing

Global Content Delivery Network for faster load times and control

Easy to use and feature-rich platform for personal/business email


Intuitive features for your convenience

One Click Installs

Deploy our pre-configured applications on an optimized SC2 (Scalable Cloud Compute) instance with just one-click. Get your hands on apps such as OpenVPN, Docker, Jitsi, Rocket Chat, WordPress and more. Choose your favorite app and deploy hassle-free in under 5 minutes.

Server Monitoring

Enable and access critical server information in one place. Use our Advanced Server Statistics feature and keep track of your SC2's performance on a detailed dashboard with KPIs including CPU usage, network utilization, live process list, load average and more.

Backups & Snapshots

Say goodbye to data loss risks and enjoy your peace of mind with our reliable automated backups and snapshots. Using these add-on features you can capture and after restore the current status of your SC2 at any time with snapshots or you can set a recurring frequency for your backup sessions.


More client-centric features

Pure SSD Disks

Our premium SC2's use RAID-10 Pure SSDs (Solid-State Drives) to give you maximized performance. SSD is typically six times faster than an HDD.

SSDs offer significantly faster data access speeds and lower latency compared to traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). SSD disks in cloud servers offer enhanced performance, improved reliability, and energy efficiency. These benefits contribute to a faster and more reliable cloud infrastructure, delivering superior user experiences and server optimization.

Root Access

Take 100% control of your SC2. Having root access allows you to install control panels, application servers and many other software on your server as soon as it's deployed.

We trust you have received the usual "Root Access-lecture" from the local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things: #1.Respect the privacy of others. #2.Think before you type. #3.With great power comes great responsibility.

  • Access valuable data for emergency recovery
  • Troubleshoot and repair your server, if you know how to
  • Administrative privileges without any restrictions

Recovery Mode

Lost access to your server, or it doesn't boot up as usual due to some unknown error? Use the recovery mode at anytime to backup your important data inside the server.

Take a minute and enable Recovery Mode; once enabled it's always available on the dashboard.

Instant Re-installs

Rebuilding your Virtual Private Server can be done right through our intuitive cloud dashboard. Rebuilding a server will automatically install your server with the OS of your choice, good as new.

Rebuilding a VPS takes about a minute, and can be done in under a few clicks.

Control Panels

SC2s are pure root servers with Linux shell. If you aren't familiar with SSH, we have free control panels that you can use and our support team can help you install. Chat with our friendly team.

Free Control Panel cPanel/whm on SC2

100% Intel CPUs

Utilize the full power of Intel Xeon® processors clocked for high speed computing

DDoS Protection

On demand DDoS protection at network level, for free with your cloud server, powered by Voxility

Data Center

SOC II, HIPAA, PCI Certified data centers with high availability based in Los Angeles, USA

High-end networks

A securely monitored network consisting of multiple 1 Gbps links to our internet backbone

OS Reinstallation

Quickly rebuild your server with a new Operating System and start from scratch

Remote Management

Reboot, boot and shutdown your virtual private server any time with just a click of a button

99.99% Network And Power Uptime Guarantee

If there should be any downtime, we will offer a percentage of your server pricing as credit. The credit varies depending on a few factors. Read our complete SLA for further details on credit eligibility etc.

Zero Risk, 7‐Day Money Back Guarantee

Try out CloudCone's products with confidence as all purchases you make are risk free. ' entitled to a prorated refund based upon the remaining period of service. Read our complete T&C for further details.

Cloud Support

Focusss on your business while we handle the rest

A support team of experts, qualified and enthusiastic enough to take on any task are available 24/7. Our Cloud Associates and Cloud Engineers will work one-on-one with you to make sure all your concerns are addressed and they will not rest until your projects are online and running smoothly.

To learn more, read our support policy. In addition to our 24/7 Cloud Support, you can check out our Technical Documentation at cloudcone.com/docs and our Help Center at help.cloudcone.com for tutorials and guides.

Meet Jaden. As an L1 Cloud Associate at CloudCone, he is your go-to person for sales and billing-related questions, as well as any basic technical inquiries. Jaden could be one of the first people you would talk to and is committed to giving all our users a world-class support experience. He's all about being helpful and doesn't think twice about going above and beyond to assist our users with his expert knowledge on cloud hosting.

Support Team - L1 Cloud Associate
Jaden the friendly neighborhood support

Meet Thimal. As an L2 Cloud Engineer at CloudCone, his responsibility is to provide in-depth analyses and investigations into technical support inquiries. Dedicated to his role, he is always thinking of better ways to assist our clients and resolve their inquiries. He also never misses an opportunity to acquire new knowledge, and you can always find him catching up on hosting industry trends and the latest practices.

Support Team - L2 Cloud Engineer
Thimal the cloud tech sensei/master

CDN Nexus

Extend your digital reach across the world

Use CDN Nexus to extend your reach across the world, improve performance and control on web files, websites and streams. 🌎

  • Includes location around the world
  • Fast static and dynamic content delivery.
  • Improve website performance, reduce load times, & lower costs.
  • Easy setup to manage multiple pull zones.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) can protect your web content against common exploits and vulnerabilities.
  • Other features like Link encryption, Time-based Secure Token, IP/Password based blocking, Secure Delivery (SSL), Hot-link protection.
World-wide CDN Nexus coverage starts from $11.99 per year packed with features right out-of-the-box.
View CDN Plans
CloudCone News

Updates & Announcements

We've got a bunch of exciting new features, products and sessional events coming up! Everything you need to know, is a sign-up away.

The Hardware

Data Center


Equiped with devoted coolers that are on the side of the building backed by a collection of 11 HVAC water cooled systems as well; operated by AI software.


The Electrical power is supplied through two active lines which are linked to separate Diesel Generators and backed up by two redundant UPS systems.


Bare minimum of 192 lines of dark fiber among each divergent path to numerous carrier buildings guarantees network stability and reliability 24/7.

What They're Saying


. . . but only what I can say is, they are great, their service is affordable and customizable, they have a rich control panel with every important thing you need, they are complete. I am satisfied. Thanks to CloudCone for your planning and services and best of luck for the future.

My server and website were down and I could not continue to work on my client's website since his mockup was obviously on my server. CloudCone paid strict attention to my needs and addressed them promptly. I was back up and running in no time. THANK YOU CLOUDCONE!!

Things like this are the reason why I am so happy I moved my data from Digital Ocean to you.

Best Cloud VPS and Dedicated Hosting with reasonable cost and their support team is also best. Thank you so much for providing the best service.

Am happy to become part of your community. (5 stars)

Under The Hood

Technology Stack

CloudCone works with these amazing technologies to bring you our top‐notch products and services

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Got More Questions?

What's the difference between SC2 and VPS?

SC2 (Scalable Cloud Compute) are our pure SSD premium cloud servers that offer a wide range of features like automated backups, snapshots, managed firewall, etc. Our VPSs are a more affordable range of cloud servers for more general-purpose cloud computing. Let's compare.

What Payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, we support all major credit and debit cards along with PayPal and Alipay.

Are the prices recurring for lifetime?

Yes, the price you agree to initially will stay the same as long as you continue with the same plan.

Do you offer any free control panels?

VestaCP (minimal but powerful) is an open source control panel that we recommend and our support team can help you install it. Simply raise a ticket once your server is deployed and we will get it done.

Where are your data centers located?

Our data centers are located in Los Angeles, California with worldwide connectivity. You can go ahead and test our network with Looking Glass.

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